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Northumberland Joinery
We deliver UK wide

Our Wood Process

Northumberland Joinery also has an established log delivery service and can provide both the public and trade.

All our logs are seasoned ready to burn now and loads of logs as well as bags are of mixed logs 50% hardwood and 50% softwood.

We can also supply all seasoned hardwood logs and we distribute them on a 12 month all year round service using a personal friendly logistic system.

Please find below the system we use to season our logs. We use a very natural process and this shows you from when we receive the timber to the end product being processed.

1. Wood is delivered in to the yard up to 4 metres in length and approx 4" 20" diameter.

2. The wood is then sawn into 1 metre lengths to be split into billets.

3. The wood is then split into billets ready to be wrapped and strapped using the bundling device.

4. The billets are then stacked for seasoning.

5. After seasoning the billets are then processed into logs which can be from 8 24 in length using a Posch autocut.

6. The logs are then loaded and delivered to your door.

We also supply net bags of logs and kindling to retailers. Please ask for details.

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